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Truly one of a kind, unique handcrafted jewelry at affordable prices. Each fused glass pendant is individually hand cut and created in N.B., Canada.

Find unique handcrafted jewelry for yourself or for a gift. (All of our products are shipped in a velvet pouch for gift giving). Our fused glass pendants are like a fingerprint, no two pendants are identical. Each pendant is an expression of originality combining shades of color which blend and mold into each other when fired. Enjoy our products that offer you the individuality of a unique piece of jewelry. Truly one of a kind that you will not find others wearing.


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Fused Art Glass Earrings

Fused Art Glass Earrings

Fused Art Glass Pendant on Sterling Silver Chain

Fused Art Glass Pendant on Sterling Silver Chain

Fused Art Glass Pendant on Adjustable Rope

Fused Art Glass Pendant on Adjustable Rope


All of our products are created in our family studio located in Clairville, New Brunwick, Canada

Special gifts for special people
Each fused art glass product is handcrafted with both skill and passion so that
everyone can have the opportunity to experience quality and uniqueness at affordable prices.

If I Order, How is the Jewelry Shipped?

We mail all orders via Canada Post.

How is Fused Glass Jewelry Made?
You may wonder how the combination of color and shades occur. To summarize the process, the glass artisans, Byron & Cathy, first cut different colors of glass to the desired shapes. They then designed each piece individually, taking care to ensure no 2 pieces are ever made the same. Their inspiration comes from their northern country property where they enjoy four seasons of weather during the year, each season bringing a new inspiration.

Once the piece is designed it is then placed in a kiln and fired at varying but extreme temperatures allowing the glass to almost liquify. Once the desired temperature is reached, the kiln is turned off and the jewelry is cooled naturally, with no forced cooling. This process takes approximately 12 hours.

When the kiln is opened it is like Christmas. Cathy & Byron are always amazed at how certain types of glass turn out. Sometimes what you expect to happen, does, and other times you are totally surprised by the result.

The fused glass is then made into necklaces, or necklace and earring sets. The pendants and earrings are then washed and are ready to be drilled. Each piece is drilled using a diamond drill bit. Once drilled the jewelry is then either wired wrapped or wrapped with rope.

Once the chains or the rope has been put on, each piece is placed into a velvet pouch for gift giving.

How To Clean Your Fused Glass Jewelry
To clean your fused glass jewelry, you can just buff it with a clean cloth and the original shine will return.


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